Odborné kluby

Foreign policy club of Young democrats

Foreign policy club is very first specialised club of Young democrats, which associates member of Young democrats interested in foreign policy.

Goals of Foreign policy club:

  • Contributing to informing our members about foreign policy.
  • Hosting discussions or conferences affiliated to foreign policy for Highschool and University students.
  • Improving argumentation and communication skills by contributing to periodic Insight.
  • Connecting with similair-minded organisations abroad.
Organs of foreign policy club:
Main figure is chairmand of this club.

Young democrats have arranged meeting in Prague and Pilsen with Junge union Bayern members in October 2013 represented by chairman Christian Doleschal and Young democrats represented by Václav Kříz in hotel Panorama declaration which should be used for further organisation and cooperation. During this short stay, members have discussed with Karel Schwarzenberg, minister of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic, about interesting things affiliated to his campaign.