Young democrats were founded by registration on Ministry of internal affairs on 3rd of March, 2009. First club was founded in Prague, Kaldno and Brandýs nad Label. Further on new clubs in Karlovy Vary, Pardubice and Slaný were founded.

Very first event of Young democrats was 16th of April, 2009 on a castle in Bradnýs nad Labem, where very first meeting of Executive board has taken place. Furthermore we discussed things affiliated to membership, activities and free time events. Our first activity was excursion to Government of the Czech Republic and discussion with Miroslava Němcová about actual problems of Czech policy making. Then other activities such as discussion with head of city Kladno, or first summer meeting of Young democrats in Kroměříž, discussion with primátor of Kladno and head of Union of cities Dan Jiránek about comunal policy making.


Our other activities include meeting with Petr Mach about problems connected with Euro in the Czech Republic, conference about crimes of communism and further screening of movie The Soviet story, discussion with Petr Gazdík, Jaromír Štětina, Jana Černochová and other politics. Venue of summer meeting of Young democratic was in Mikulov and Znojmo.

We are using mainly Facebook as a medium for communitation of Young democrats and our supporters. In a short period of time we get more than 2000 fans. We’re periodically sending newsletter to our members. We also write a maganize called Insight.

First chairman of Young democrats was chosen Jiří Klindera. Other members Stanislav Polena, Tomáš Techman and Robin Tesárek were ellected to executive board. Next year Jiří Klindera and Stanislav Polena were reelected and other members Petr Braťa, Erich Kříž, Martin Nedvěd and Tomáš Techmann were in executive board.